Girlfriends Pray Life Camp … Purpose, Gifting, Identity

Who are you?

If you are challenged with that question….If you struggle with identity..If you struggle with low self-esteem… if you are dealing with rejection… If you desire to know your gift and your purpose in life, I invite you to join us at Girlfriends Pray Life Camp now. The lessons for the last three month of the year are foundation for everything.

You are not your clothes.
You are not your house.
You are not your job.
You are not your issues.
You are not what happened to you.
You are not your addiction or your struggle.
You are not just a wife, mother, sister or friend.

You have a unique identity all your own and until you get clear on who you are detached from everything external you will be in jeopardy of identity theft, the rug being pulled out from under you or stalled in stepping out on your gift and into your purpose.

If you are ready to self-discover, you can register today and start tomorrow, click here to register for Girlfriends Pray Life Camp.

See you at the top!