A Prayer For When You’re Dealing With Insecurity…

I Come to You Elohim

Psalm 19:1

Father, God in the name of Jesus, I come to lay my issues with insecurity and my questions of self-worth at your feet. I don’t know who I am at times, and I tend to question my value altogether. I consistently feel overwhelmed in my thinking about what others have versus what I have. In the presence of   others, I find myself drawing back and feeling uncomfortable. Lord, thinking about what I don’t have, (things like education/house/car/job/money/husband) makes me less than. But I turn the corner today, God, for I am encouraged. Forgive me for being blind to your wonderful works that created me in your image. Forgive me for being critical of myself and for judging every imperfection. I now know that my self-criticism is a jab at you because I am your masterpiece. Forgive me for not appreciating how you made me. Forgive me for having little faith in the plan and purpose you have for me.

I declare and decree, you are my God; so I now step into seeing myself as you see me. Lord, I accept that I am here on purpose and for a purpose. It is written, “In him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will.” (Ephesians 1:10.) Lord, I accept that I was created in your image fearfully and wonderfully made according to your Word in Psalms 139:15. Lord I declare and decree I am nothing without you but I am all-sufficient with you, because of you. Help me to transform my mind; to take off my old self and my old way of thinking and to put on my new self so I can think like you. Lord, destroy every negative word spoken over my life. Delete every label that does not meet your definition of me in Your Word. Cancel the damaging effects of years of abuse/hate/ worthless talk. I believe nothing is too hard for you and all things are possible with you. Have your way and let your perfect will be done, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.