Valuing God’s Voice

Looking back over my life and reflecting on the relationship I have with my mother; I think of the various stages of growing up. As a baby missing her presence and comfort, I remember the joy and excitement I felt hearing her coming in from work. As I grew older I continued to desire her comforting voice, but I began to expect and welcome her instructions, insights and even discipline (shh don’t tell her). But then I became a teenager, I thought I knew it all; and began to rebel and withdrawing, wanting to do my own thing. I just knew I was mature and didn’t need her advice or help in life, so we slowly started drifting apart. Now as an adult, I look back at my teenage years, and how foolish I was to ever think I was too mature to need her. I get sad over all the time wasted, and all the nuggets of wisdom I’ve missed. Thankfully I was able to go back, admit my foolishness and ask for her forgiveness.

As believer’s we go through this same stage of development when it comes to our relationship with God. As babes in Christ we look to God for His presence, and comfort from all the hurt we’ve experienced at the hands of the world. As we grow we still desire the Lord’s presence and comfort, but our we begin to desire more. So we begin to seek God’s instructions, insights and learn to accept His godly discipline that keeps us from going astray. Sadly, after spending what we consider a “lengthy time” of walking with God, we hit our spiritual “teenage” years, we become mature Christians. We begin thinking we have this walk down to a science; and we no longer need God as “often” as we did. We stop reading, praying or seeking God. Without realizing we begin drifting away. It isn’t until later on in our years, when we look back and see the foolishness of our ways. Thankfully we can repent, and return to developing that deep intimacy with God, who is lovingly ready to restore our fellowship with Him.

God’s voice is vital to the life, growth and development of each believer; without it we would be lost. Oftentimes we find ourselves in the position when we can’t discern if God is speaking. We wonder if it’s Him, the enemy or our flesh. We even wonder if God has stopped speaking, but we must remember he has already spoken through His Word, and He continually speaks through His Holy Spirit that is indwelled with in us. The issues rest with us, we either get so busy that we don’t take time to use the tools he has given us to hear from Him, or we get to a “good space” believing we don’t have a need to hear from HIM. Unlike our natural lives, we CAN bypass the rebellion associated with the stage of being a “spiritual teenager” or becoming to mature to need God. We can choose to stay connected to God and continuously intake all that he imparts to us. We must resolve to daily to utilize the tools He has given in order to discern and appreciate His voice. Read His Word daily; it’s his written word that provides instructions on how to navigate through this Christian life. Constantly remain in prayer; it’s his spoken word that gives direction and teaches us how to apply what he has revealed. Cultivating consistent communication with God will enhance your ability to know when He is speaking; so when life becomes overwhelming and you need direction, guidance or comfort; you will undoubtedly be able to hear, know and follow the voice of your heavenly father.

Above all else, we must Value the Voice of God, because it was the Voice of God that spoke all things into existence. It is because of His voice we live, move and have our being. It is because of the Voice of God, that we are here today, in His sanctuary worshipping Him. Value and honor the voice of God, for at the end of life His voice will be the only one that matters; for when he calls us home to be with him we will all long to hear sweet words of rest “Well done thy good and faithful servant”.