Girlfriends Pray

Thoughts and words are tools…

2012_Image_Victory_b6199c76f097212a062a5e006bf4403dYour thoughts and words are tools working for you …

With every thought you think and word you speak, you are creating your life; you are directing your life; you are guiding your life and putting out a request to the universe to bring you back something – good or bad. You are sowing seeds, hidden for a time, but they will come to the surface. If you think positive and speak positive, that is what will come back to you.  Likewise, if you are thinking negative, be mindful of the power of your words. The word of the Lord says there is power in our words, and whatsoever we declare it will BE! So be mindful about how you are voice printing the atmosphere. Know that if you declare it, speak it. That is the work  you do to step into the abundant life God has for you.

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  • dana goodman

    So true. It is so important to find the treasure in people and declare good things over their lives. It releases the kingdom here on earth. When we live as Jesus lives and love the way he loves, we reach up and pull heaven down to earth. So good!