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It is our mission to bring women closer to God through prayer. As we connect day after day with women, we come face-to-face with real life issues, challenges and the needs of women. So many women depend on Girlfriends Pray Ministries as a life line to God. Every day we see lives changed, lives impacted and souls led back to Jesus Christ.  Girlfriends Pray Ministries is 501(c)3 Non-Profit.  All donations are tax-deductible.

God called all believers to serve and we trust Him for faithful supporters who understand the need and have the willingness to partner with us as we claim enlarged territory – ONE MILLION women around the world united in prayer.

“I have been so blessed by Girlfriends Pray!! Once working on behalf of these daughters.”

– A. Adams

“Where are you based and do you have any prayer leaders in the Washington DC metropolitan area? I ask because I write short items about faith and spirituality for The Washington post, and would love to interview you for a possible item to run on Dec. 31”

– A. Dickerson

“For those of you just joining Girlfriends Pray, if it had not been for God and this prayer line on my side …. Where would I be … in the grave by my own hand!”

– Courtney

“Coach Dee thank you for all the support and motivation that you are giving to help women in need of your services, prayer etc. You are truly a shining star!! Peace and Luv.”

– A. Green
We believe your tithe belongs to your local church, therefore we accept your financial gift as an offering for the ongoing support of Girlfriends Pray Ministries.