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Girlfriends Pray Life Camp provides abundant living resources for women (founded on John 10:10) via virtual and live courses on a rolling calendar basis. Our faith-based spiritual growth and personal development programs for women offer practical life and leadership skills.

Here’s what some of our participants have to say about the program:

HGEECoach Dee I definitely see a change. I’ve shown up more in every area and over the past couple of months because I’ve been in the group coaching since February, I can see the growth and the progress. Even when we were doing Wifey Material, it was a whole bunch of stuff that everyone tells you the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘well’, ‘why’ but no one tells you the ‘how’. I was only looking for a roadmap for but these last few months, every month is a turnaround of some years, restoring years that I lost in not knowing how to do things. Every month is just getting greater and I’m seeing the progress and I know it’s not just me seeing it but its other people seeing it in me. It’s not like everything in my life was just crazy and out of order, and just chaos and disarray however some areas really were. But when other people can see the change in me then it’s my testimony to them but it’s also my testimony to me because I can look back to January and I don’t know how I would have made it to June if I was still in the same things I was doing. – H. Gee, Atlanta, GA


KEARNYThrough this family and sisterhood, you have become more than just a “program”, You have taught me not only Who I am but Whose I am. You have shown me what success looks like through the program but also by example. I am clear on what my purpose is now. I am more than confident I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That really was just a scripture that I use to quote I now believe it and live it. I wake up every morning giving God my first and then commanding my day. I think clearly. I walk in obedience. I am decent and in order in all areas of my life. I am a doer of the word. I am living on purpose and not just existing. One of the great things about Life Camp is it keeps on giving. When I feel like I need help or I am slipping, I have my workbooks, notes, recordings and a scripture for EVERYTHING! Oh and I cannot forget about our live calls and the workout room. The support in that community is EPIC!  – T. Kearney, New Jersey


JONESI cannot contain my praise! Now I have been serving in ministry for a few years now, but didn’t have that much guidance in the “how to’s” in certain areas. My Pastor & Assistant Pastor have been great in the foundational principles, but I had to feel my away around (especially since I am the first person fulfilling the role I am in). While trying to transition in serving publicly my private life was a mess, and I was barely keeping things together. I was praying and waiting but not really doing! Fast forward to today, 8 months into my journey as a JG (Girlfriends Pray Life Camp James Girls Program), I’ve been consistently praying & doing and RIGHT NOW as I type I feel the shifting and moving of God in my life!! I see how God has changed EVERY area of my life. – T. Jones, New Jersey



Dee Marshall is just that good. Had a 1 on 1 and after all my wordiness (creative people – smile) she was able to wrap it up and deliver succinct action steps with substance. I’m excited about elevation through Girlfriends Pray Life Camp. – N. Jarrett, Texas