Meet The Founder


Hello Greatness, Fabulous, Woman of God!

There is no coincidence you are here… Because you stopped by, I believe God may use this Ministry to serve you in a very specific way. In fact, I am confident that Girlfriends Pray exists today because women need and want to become better women, women want a closer walk with God, women want a better life but may need help getting there. Well, Girlfriends Pray exists to meet you right where you are and help you become more disciplined in prayer.

So the story of this Ministry goes… I was completely caught off guard and a bit naive to learn from a few women (clients and friends) that not all of us were celebrating during the Christmas holiday season in 2009. In fact, some of us were sad, angry, depressed, confused, alone, lonely, overwhelmed, exhausted, broke, jobless, manless… and just not celebrating or in the spirit of “Merry Christmas”. I’ve since learned that whatever you’re going through is one hundred times magnified during the Christmas holiday. So, I extended a hand to a few of my clients and at the response of one woman who said “I’m interested” and two girlfriends in need, within 48 hours (and a few friends), I set up a prayer call for the sole purpose of “standing in the gap” for women who were struggling to get through. I gathered women for prayer every morning at 7am to intercede for friends in hopes of getting them through the holidays. The conference call started on December 18th with 33 women and was to end on January 1, 2010. In that two week window, the call count rose, women began to depend on the call as their life line, they brought their prayer request and shared with family, friends, colleagues, co-workers so that by December 31st we had maxed our telephone line. Women cried out, “This cannot end!”. The result was a movement that grew like wildfire and now stands firm as Girlfriends Pray Ministries… a force of over 180,000 women around the world.

The unfolding of the ministry is unbelievable and the impact nothing but the work of God. Our mission is to get more women closer to God through prayer. The vision is that together we stand and thank God for using a few ordinary women for doing the extraordinary work of getting one million women around the world united through prayer. We do that through our daily prayer calls, Girlfriends Pray Breakfast Book Club discussions, Girlfriends Pray Real Talk with licensed trained professionals in Psychology, Girlfriends Pray Amigas for Latina (Spanish-speaking Christian women), Girlfriends Pray Live events (part of our national tour), Girlfriends Pray Global which includes our sisters outside of the U.S. We touch hundreds of women daily and over ten thousand weekly through this Ministry…. Glory to God!

So connect with us on the next prayer call or the next GP BBC or the next GP Real Talk; meet us at the next live event and become a partner.

Pray without ceasing,

Dr. Dee C. Marshall
Founder, Girlfriends Pray Ministries