A Prayer When You Need To Forgive…

I Come to You Judge of All

~Acts 10:42

Father, in the name of Jesus. I come to You, the only help I know. I come first to say Thank You God that You thought enough of me to sacrifice Your Son so I would be saved. I thank You for sacrificing Your only begotten Son, Jesus so the enemy would not have a claim on me or be able hold my issues against me. You forgave me before I understood what it meant to be saved. You set me free from sin, and all I can say now is, Thank You. I am just grateful to know I belong to You.


But now, God, I come confessing that I have not done as You commanded. I have not been forgiving. I am holding on to stuff. My issues are weighing on me and wearing me down. I need Your help Lord and I want You to step in. Strengthen me and guide me. I admit my faith walk may not be where it should be, but I know You love me and Your Word says if I confess with a pure heart, I will be forgiven (Romans 10:9) Lord I surrender right here and now. Please, Lord release the hold from my mind, my emotions and my heart. I need to forgive according to Your will and Your Word. I want to be able to move on with my life. I declare and decree according to the power of the One who holds all power. It is handled in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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