Facing You

What if you have experienced more failures than successes, more losses than wins and had more fear than courage? As women, many of us face this reality. However, from the outside looking in, we seem strong and courageous; but to ourselves, we feel like a fraud or an imposter. We are often broken and confused. The path to destiny seems unclear and blocked. Our purpose and passion have somehow faded in the failures, losses and fears. Then, we start to look outside of ourselves for the key to our breakthrough. We seek validation, approval and love from outside sources to make us complete and whole. We tend to blame others for where we are in life. We cover the pain with nice clothes, homes, cars, degrees and accolades, but it is never enough. We start to believe that we are not good enough and not worthy of the life that God created us to live. We live outside of our power and beneath our potential because our strong independent façade masks our authenticity. We throw around words such as “I know who I am” like beads during Mardi Gras; but the truth is that we are standing in the shadow of who we’re not…waiting to be rescued. Yet, no one comes to rescue us. And we realize that the person hurting us the most is “me.” Yes, YOU!

Many of us are unaware of the limiting beliefs and generational baggage that we have tucked away deep down in our hearts. We are a product of our environments, and as much as we try to be a different person or build success, we fail at sustaining true and real success in every area of our lives. We must first search our hearts and uncover what we really believe. What we say and know versus what we truly believe can be totally different. Many of us know that we can start and run a successful business. However, many of us do not believe it. We say it, we name it, and we claim it. Daily, we recite positive affirmations when we are praying and meditating; we even have all of the education and knowledge to back it up, yet we are still not moving forward. We strive to succeed in business, careers and relationships only to no avail. Never being truly satisfied or fulfilled, we begin to self-sabotage our own success because somewhere deep inside of us we do not believe that we are worthy, qualified or deserving. We become our own worst enemy. The great news is that we were created for greatness. We are destined for more. There is real joy and happiness in being your authentic self. It is a process, and sometimes things get really rough. There are many obstacles, but there is a reward, and it is freedom! You will have the freedom to live a life without limits no matter what you are going through or what you have been through. In order to live the life you were created to live, you must seek your Creator. God is waiting to turn your situation around. No matter where you are in life or what challenges or obstacles you may be facing, God is right there to restore you.