• I thank God for using Dee Marshall as a Life Counselor for those of us who has a thirst and hunger for the word such as myself.  This morning she mentioned Expectancy (as I am enrolled in the 7 day fast) and I am feeling the Breakthrough (Isaiah 45:2).  The reason I am writing is to just say Thank You for allowing me to partake in this path for Spiritual Cleansing.  You spoke about a song this morning Casey J (Fill Me Up Lord) Loved It. The spirit led me to one that I thought you might enjoy. LaShun Pace (Just Because God Said It)  I am truly BELIEVING Faith without works is dead by itself.
    May God Continue to Bless this Ministry.



  • Hi Dee-
    I want to give you an update on how the BYOYL 21 day challenge is impacting my life. I have written my intention down everyday and I see that I am now making a conscious decision to do the work and live on purpose. I have been working on a various proposals for upcoming conferences and publications and I hit an emotional brick wall. I wanted to give up and let my emotions determine my decisions. However, I heard you in my ear reminding me to not let my emotions rule my decisions and that is not what winners do. Therefore, I pushed through my feelings of anxiety and overwhelm and accomplished one of my goals for this month. I am so appreciative of this challenge. 
    Thank you and God Bless, 

    Dr. A

  • Good morning Team GPLC,
    Honesty speaking, at first I was contemplating on whether or not I should take the 21 day challenge, The Best Year of Your Life In 2015.  With my demanding schedule as a wife, mom, care giver and I work outside my home, I thought to myself over and over again I don’t have the time.  However, the more I thought about not having the time to be a participant, the more I felt a nudging in my spirit to do it.  And, the nudging would become so intensified during and after Dee would extend the invitation on the prayer line   Well, let me just say it like this, it was FLAT OUT exactly what I needed.  Ladies I truly don’t leave my home without writing down my intention(s) for the day and following through (taking action) on it.  As a result of The Best Year of Your Life 2015 challenge I now really do try to live on purpose each day of my life.  I don’t allow loved ones or anyone to cause me any unnecessary stress.  Also, after many many years of wanting my own business I finally found the courage and the affirmation to go for it, I am EXCITED (thank you Dee).  Lastly, I thank God for you Dee because you are truly God’s masterpiece, designed to be a bright light in so many women dark places.  I’m looking forward to the sequel on May 6, 2015.  By the way I’m going to bring someone along.
    Love ya,
  • Before attending the program I got in a continual flow of being stuck.  I admit I had a really bad habit of “dating” my ideas without making a commitment to flush them out.  Dee reminded me/us that there is a process and that in-order to see the manifestation of what I was dreaming about happen for my life I had to 1. Set and Intention and 2.  Do the work.  Funny, I am a smart, educated woman yet I forgot these two practical things. 

    Thanks to Dee, and after the program, I am now taking simple steps to achieve my goals.  I needed the accountability and someone to push me to get the “DESIRE” back.


  • My 7 Day Challenge Testimony:
    I have been blessed and can see changes in my life since taking the challenge.  Getting the clutter was such an awesome eye opener.
    Since taking steps to declutter, I feel such a heavy load lifted up off of me mentally and physically.
    I have taken time to really think about what I think about.  I have focused on doing things decent and in order. I have pick back up working with my passion based on a vision God gave me 3 years ago, a vision I had put on the side due to so many other things blocking my focus.
    I am excited and looking forward to the 7 Week Challenge to come.
    Thank you so much for it is well within my soul. Praise God!
    Prayers, A


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